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I was approached by the Associate Dean in Continuous and Professional Learning. To build the Private Investigative program in Black Board. The program comprised of 6 courses with 7-8 modules including activities, interactive media objects and assessments. This experience allowed me to work with an industry SME (subject matter expert). We designed the program with competency based education and interactive activities.

Courses included:

  • Forensic Investigation

  • Investigative Techniques

  • Investigator’s Powers

  • Interviewing and Deception

  • Understanding Cyber landscape

  • Strategic Communication


We partnered with E.S.S. building modules in Google Classroom. This allowed participants to be updated with the most current information in senior care giving. 

Modules Included:

Supporting Families

Accessing Supports 

Future Planning

Building content in Google Classrooms allows E.S.S. facilitators and participants to focus on accessing resources, clicking on interactive videos and media objects. The content provides staff to support their clients with more understanding, clarity and pathways to access valuable information. 

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We partnered with Xpan to develop a course for Centennial College. We created a storyboard, outlining each module with interactive media objects. The course included voice thread, and a narrated PowerPoint Presentation. 

Course: Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics 


We developed a Curriculum Map, outlining Modules 1-14. This course was developed with current case studies, LinkedIn videos and interactive media objects 

Course: Marketing Research 

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We developed the Business Program adhering to Government Alberta curriculum standards. The program included hands on activities and industry research.

Courses: Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Business Math, Economics, Skills, Marketing and Microsoft Office.

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