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Bow Valley College: I’ve been teaching at Bow Valley College for over 4 years, using external software: Jasperactive and Gmetrix. I prepare and update courses syllabi/outlines and course content. Create lesson plans and course schedules. Develop reviews and update course/curriculum and suitable assessment criteria with faculty and Associate Dean(s) support. Create learning activities and authentic assessments that encourage experiential learning and promote work-ready skills. Collaborate with faculty and academic/instructional design units to ensure inclusion of best practices in instructional delivery and innovation in course development and instructional design. Utilize innovative curriculum and assessment methods to integrate adult teaching methodologies. Evaluate student performance on an ongoing basis and provide students and administrators with learner progress reports.

Facilitate Online Courses:

  • Microsoft Office 2016/2019 and Office 365

  • Microsoft Office Word Introduction

  • Microsoft Office Word Expert

  • Microsoft Office Word Core

  • Microsoft Office Excel Introduction

  • Microsoft Office Excel Expert

  • Microsoft Office Excel Core

  • Computer Basics

  • Challenge Exams

Algonquin College: I’ve been teaching Business courses for over 3 years. I liaised with external stakeholders and develop community partnerships in industry for placement support. Attend and participate in department and program area meetings. Meet with students regarding academic issues (for example: attendance, classroom/online conduct, performance, academic honesty). Provide instructional design support to the Director of Program Quality and Development Provide on board training to SME’s and E-developers for a robust and pedagogically sound course.

Facilitate Online Courses:

  • MKT: Marketing Foundations

  • MKT0013, Social Media for the Entrepreneur

  • Marketing: 471, 472 and 473

Ontario Learn Courses:

  • Introduction to E-Business (monthly intake)

  • Marketing Foundations (monthly intake)

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